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Protein Song
to the tune of Boyzone - Baby Can I Hold You

It’s all that you can’t say?
Months gone by and still
names don’t come easily
Like Valine… Like Valine
Or Proline,
Is all that you can’t say?
Months gone by and still
Names don’t come easily
Like Alanine

Buy you can say, group 1
These are the amino acids
With side chains that are hydrophobic
Ooh, and nonpolar
Like Alanine

Group 2
Is all that you can’t say?
Polar and uncharged side chains
Name don’t come easily
Like Threonine, Threonine…

But you can say, group 3
With polar and charged side chains
Baby, if I told you the right name
Ohhh, like Lysine
Can form ester bonds.

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